What is your Caldera Tech about ?

Caldera tech is an online computer support company catering to technology-driven needs of millions of computer users all over the world. We are effectively your private technical support helpdesk. We provide our support remotely by responding to email queries, live online chat and advising over the telephone using online utilities . We can also view and control your screen with your permission and provide required support .

What is Online Support ?

Online support offers you assistance and support with your PC related problems using online ,internet, telecommunication utilities in a safe ,secured and convenient way without letting anybody to enter your premises. You can call on us and our technical experts will guide you through and solve your problem , you can also email us your issue and will receive a written reply explaining how to fix the problem or will receive a call from our technicians to assist you .

How does online support work?

Once you get in touch with our technical experts , your problems can be solved by one or the combination of the following ways:-

Chat Support – You can chat live with our technician and they will solve your queries just by chatting with you.

Phone Support- You can dial our Technical support phone Number and speak to our Engineers and they will guide you over the phone to resolve your queries OR issues.

Remote Desktop Support – Remote computer support involves a 'remote desktop connection' which lets us view your computer screen and securely fix most computer and network errors over the Internet. You allow our computer technician view and interact with your computer remotely through the Internet. Indeed, you watch the whole troubleshooting process going on your screen.

Most of the IT trouble can be resolved remotely so why to pay for the visit.

How will I benefit from the service ?

We offer excellent value for money and the convenience of being available at any time that suits you (Sundays currently excluded). You do not need to let a technician into your home and pay heavy hourly rates. You also don't need to waste time waiting for a technician to come – we will usually be available to connect whenever it suits you. We will stay with you until your problem is solved.

Is it a very difficult program ?

No, In fact it is a very user friendly program. You just need to connect your PC to our operating system via internet and disconnect the same once the issue is resolved. Singing in is also easy.

Is remote computer support better than more traditional support options?

With remote support services, you don't need to struggle through the troubleshooting procedures. The technician completes the work all by himself and just asks you to re-format your machine at the end.

Also, the process is much convenient as it eliminates a need for you to haul your computer to any local computer repair shop. Since remote support helps us to offer you instant solutions, you won't have to be stuck without a computer over the weekend or during a holiday. So, it saves you time and money. It is also secure as you do not have to let any stranger into your home and all operations are performed in front of your eyes under your supervision and control. You can stop the sessions at your will.

What are the plans do you offer?

Click here to see our support plans

What is the duration of a service session?

It really depends on what we are doing – most sessions take anything from 15 minutes to 1 hour. If we are carrying out routine maintenance, you do not need necessarily need to be present in front of your computer for the whole period that we are carrying out maintenance.

What are your operating hours ?

Currently the helpdesk is open continuously from midnight on Monday to Saturday 9pm. For holidays you can leave the query with us and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Are their any hidden charges or other expenses?

Not for technical supportSome products we might recommend to you for better functioning of your machine such as online backup software may incur an additional fee.

What guarantees do you offer ?

After serving thousands of satisfied customers we know that we can offer our customers this amazing refund policy because we are confident that you will like our services. We do our very best to satisfy our clients and we also back this up with a Money Back Guarantee . Click here for details on refund policy. Not every computer problem is always solvable remotely and we will always give advice on how to deal with a specific issue if we cannot handle it remotely. Providing you have internet and your computer hardware is in good health, most cases can be solved online.

Do you also provide onsite service ?

Onsite technical support is not part of our service.

What operating systems do you support?

We provide support for all Microsoft Windows platform and applications such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000 no matter which computer brand you are using and where you purchased your computer from. Shortly we will be launching our support services for MAC.

What if I am not satisfied with your services ?

If you are not satisfied by our services we would love to hear from you in order to improve upon our offerings. Please do send us your feedback on support@calderatech.com . We insist on taking all the risk when you purchase our services. So we have developed a fair 30 day money back guarantee. Simply put, if you are not satisfied , we give you refund . Refunds request are accepted only for quarterly, 6,months and yearly plans. Unsatisfied Customer can claim refunds from us within 30 days from the date of purchase in accordance to the Refund Policy.

Are you affiliated to Microsoft , Dell or Google?

Caldera Tech is an independent provider of remote technical support of third party products which includes the support of Microsoft operating systems (such as Windows 7). We are not affiliated to Microsoft in any way. Any use of third party trademarks, brand names, products and services are only referential.