Today imagining a world without computers, smart phones or any other digital communication device is calling for an impossible illusion. Computers have become an integral part of our lives but can be a nuisance at times. Increasing use of internet adds the risk exposed to the computers.

In spite of so high dependency on these devices, most of the people using them feel helpless and frustrated when they get stuck up somewhere in the middle of their work due to some problem be it locating a document which was not saved properly or having trouble with printer settings or installation of some software or formatting errors , email settings , data backup etc..to name a few of the very common problems faced by an user in his/her daily routine use of these wonder machines.

We can help with all those questions, concerns, strange messages and technical difficulties you are facing with your computers on a daily basis. We are an experienced and eligible team of computer experts providing all kinds of computer technical assistance remotely over the telephone or by online live chat. Our remote technical support team is always there for your help.

Whether you are a home user or a business man, student or housewife , teenager or retired , we serve to all kinds of computer users . Do not worry If you have little or no computer knowledge. We will help you understand your machine better and get more out of it in an efficient, reliable and affordable manner. We reach to all people needing computer help in USA region.

Remote IT Help

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you a worry free computer experience. Click here to try our service!


1st QuoteI was truly amazed by the unparallel tech service that they provided us. We did not expect such efficient and prompt response from the developers of this firm. However, the instantaneous tech solution and the fast support system are the factors which have highly impressed me. Now my computer is absolutely trouble-free.close quote

Kevin Johnson


2nd Quote Thanks for answering all my queries. We are grateful to you guys for your informative replies to all our questions. We want to formally convey our thanks for the great assistance that you have extended towards us.close quote

Mark Thomas


3rd QuoteAll I can say about your unique tech support is that I am completely satisfied with the kind of service which you have given us. Next time I face any kind of tech problem, I know who to approach. I have referred your contacts to my friends as well. It's good to find out how all the tech issues in my computer were completely eliminated with your efficient service.close quote

Jane Andrews


4th QuoteHi there technician 1 and Victor,thank you wholehearthedly for your assistance.I am very happy to have subscribed with "Caldera Tech." I will reccommend you to any friend if appropriate.Your help was prompt and very efficient and very friendly. Merry Christmas once again. Until next time.close quote



1st QuoteI have used Caldera Tech to fix my computer issues many time in the past 3 months and they have done an outstanding job. Each time I call they have been there for help immediately. I have found them very easy to work with and I am happy with their tech support group.close quote

John P. Hayes


1st QuoteI answered a call from a 'windows' provider and got in all kinds of trouble. I think when I declined their offer to 'fix' my computer they messed it up. Caldera Tech technicians not only 'fixed' the problems but assisted me with difficulties I had with my laptop also. Their response to emails for assistance have been answered quicker than I ever expected. They have been great for me.close quote

Donald E Cotton


1st QuoteToday I was trying to up grade our browser Internet Explorer and wasn't able to, I called Caldera Tech Support, and they ran into the same difficulties I ran into and more so, but with their knowledge and persistency were able to over come the problem and now my computer is up and running like new... Hats off to the Tech "Keith" that finally was able to work thru all the road blocks and get Internet Explorer 11 installed on this computer..... Thanks Keith I really really appreciate it. ... and when Keith had finished working on my computer, I mentioned that my wife was having an issue with her computer, (couldn't log-in or sign in to certain pages) she would press the log-in button but nothing would happen) with-in a matter of a couple of minutes Keith had that problem resolved and my wife was very pleased and happy..... "HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE" Thanks Keith.close quote

Steven Armstrong






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